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The Genius Brand - Genius Protein


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GENIUS PROTEIN Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate & Micellar Casein With 50% Whey Protein Isolate and 50% Casein, Genius Protein is the perfect all-day and all night solution to add lean muscle.* Whey Isolate (90% protein by weight) is the highest quality protein available, providing your body with the absorption needed to fuel muscles and initiate protein synthesis for muscle recovery and building.* Casein is a slow digesting protein that provides a slow release of amino acids to steadily feed your muscles for up to 7 hours.*

Sustained Amino Acid Release

By using a mix of fast- (whey) and slow-digesting (casein) proteins, Genius Protein provides a steady infusion of amino acids into the bloodstream resulting in longer lasting increases in muscle protein synthesis for better muscle repair, recovery, and growth.*

Better Muscle Growth

Research studies show that athletes consuming blended protein powders, like Genius Protein, experience greater lean mass gains than using whey protein alone.*

Supports Weight Loss

By replacing carbs & fats with protein, you increase satiety, reducing hunger and boost calorie burning thanks to the higher thermic effect of food protein has.*

NO Amino Spiking

Protein spiking has become an epidemic in the supplement industry, where companies “spike” their protein powder with cheap amino acids that artificially increase nitrogen levels and give consumers an inaccurate protein count. With Genius Protein, you get 24 grams of high-quality, whole protein in every serving.*

When & How to Use

Genius Protein is extremely versatile and can be used throughout the day:

Breakfast: Mix one serving of Genius Protein into your morning bowl of oatmeal or into your morning cup of coffee for a protein-infused mocha.

Post Workout: Take one serving of Genius Protein immediately post workout to ignite muscle protein synthesis and kickstart recovery and growth.

In-between meal snack: We all get a craving for something sweet during the day. When those cravings hit, mix up a scoop of Genius Protein to crush your craving and support your body’s recovery processes.

Pre-Bed: Sleep is when our body does its greatest recovery and growth. What better way to support those processes than by giving your muscles exactly what they need while you sleep?

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