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The Genius Brand - Genius Pre


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Flavor: Grape Limeade

  • Grape Limeade
  • Sour Apple
  • Grape Limeade (default) 2+
  • Grape Limeade (default) 4+
  • Sour Apple (default) 2+
  • Sour Apple (default) 4+
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GENIUS PRE is a clinically dosed nootropics-based pre workout. Your physical capabilities are guaranteed to expand when your brain is engaged with our all-natural nutrients & your muscles are stimulated by scientifically proven clean ingredients.* Caffeine-free for a reason. From a scientific standpoint, Caffeine actually reduces blood flow. With a clinical dose of 6 Grams of L-Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine and ATP all brought together, you’re ensured rapid NO elevation.*

Increases Exercise Performance

Genius Pre utilizes a synergistic matrix of clinically studied, including AlphaSize, Citrulline Malate, and CarnoSyn Beta Alanine, to boost nitric oxide, increase blood flow, and bolster the mind-muscle connection to help you train harder for longer in your workouts.*

Not Just for Training

Genius Pre also doubles as a productivity booster due to the combination of powerful nootropic it contains. These neuro-boosters create an intense mental edge that helps you perform better mentally and physically at the gym or in the office.

ZERO Jitters or Crash

Genius Pre is for the active individual who wants to perform better but doesn’t want the jitters, crash, or disrupted sleep typical of mass market pre workouts.

Caffeine & Stimulant-Free

Whereas other pre workouts rely on a truckload of harsh stimulants to make you believe they’re “working”, Genius Pre uses a synergistic matrix of proven nootropics and ergogenics to naturally boost energy levels, focus, and athletic performance.*

When & How to Use

Genius Pre is best taken 20-30 minutes prior to exercise. Since it contains no caffeine or other stimulants, it can be used for daytime or nighttime workouts without fear of keeping you up all night.

Genius Pre can also be used for added focus and mental energy prior to engaging in cognitively-demanding work.

How to Stack

For added energy, focus, and intensity during training, stack Genius Pre with one serving of Genius BCAA or one serving of Genius Caffeine.

For added power, strength, and muscle building, stack Genius Pre with one serving of Genius Muscle Builder.

For greater productivity, stack Genius Pre with Genius Consciousness to eliminate mental fatigue, enhance cognition, boost focus, and increase productivity.*

For extra endurance and power in your weightlifting and cardio workouts, stack Genius Pre with one serving of Genius Creatine.

For increased fat burning, stack Genius Pre with one serving of Genius Burn to create a powerful stimulant-free fat burning pre workout supplement that helps burn more calories during your workout.*

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Grape limeade, Sour apple, Grape limeade (default) 2+, Grape limeade (default) 4+, Sour apple (default) 2+, Sour apple (default) 4+

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