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GENIUS ELECTROLYTES sets itself apart with absolutely no artificial flavors, colors, or sugars. This electrolyte powder is the alternative to optimize your hydration.* If you need more energy and improved athletic performance, you’ll love the amazing boost you’ll get from this unique electrolyte formula.* A must for athletes, intermittent fasters and keto dieters! Genius Electrolytes contains Sustamine®, a clinically tested ingredient that combines the amino acids L-Glutamine and L-Alanine to assist with amplifying your body’s hydration process.*

Greater Endurance

As little as 2% dehydration significantly impairs stamina and performance. Genius Electrolytes supplies a comprehensive matrix of essential electrolytes to support optimal hydration and greater performance.*

Stronger Muscle Contractions

In addition to regulating fluid balance, potassium also helps conduct nerve impulses and contract muscles. Sweat depletes potassium stores, decreasing muscle contractility and power. Genius Electrolytes supplies 390mg potassium to promote stronger muscle contractions and optimal hydration.*

Cramp Defense

Muscles spasm when depleted of essential electrolytes, such as magnesium. Genius Electrolytes supplies 50mg TRAACS Magnesium to support proper muscle function and glucose metabolism.*

Enhance Recovery & Replenish Glycogen

Genius Electrolytes also supplies a highly bioavailable form for Glutamine (as Sustamine) which plays a vital role in protein metabolism and aids glycogen synthesis, enhancing recovery from training.*

When & How to Use

Genius Electrolytes is especially helpful in and around the hours you exercise, but remember, hydration is a round-the-clock process. As such, it’s important to be cognizant of fluid and electrolyte intake throughout the day not just before, during, and after your training.

Also, if you are following a low-carb, ketogenic diet electrolyte intake is even more important as lowering carb intake causes significant loss of electrolytes from the body. Consuming additional electrolytes may help reduce duration of the “keto flu”.*

And, don’t forget that electrolytes play a critical role in the appearance and hydration of your skin too as they keep cells sufficiently hydrated.

All this is to drive home the point that Genius Electrolytes can be taken anytime of day as part of any diet or training regimen.

How to Stack

For increased endurance and performance during exercise, consume one serving of Genius Electrolytes with one serving of Genius Pre 30-60 minutes prior to training. If additional energy is wanted, 1-2 servings of Genius Caffeine may also be consumed at this time..

For optimal hydration and peak performance during endurance-based activities, combine 1-2 servings of Genius Electrolytes with a serving of Genius Carb and sip during training.

To restore hydration and facilitate muscle recovery and growth following intense exercise, mix together 1 serving of Genius Electrolytes with one serving of Genius Carb along with one serving of Genius Protein and consume post workout.

For greater skin vibrancy and elasticity, consume one serving of Genius Electrolytes with one serving of Genius Beauty.

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