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GENIUS CREATINE POWER MATRIX acts fast to recharge every cell and build muscle faster with our advanced recovery Tri-Creatine fusion of German Creapure®, Creatine HCL and proven strength gainer, Magnapower® for lean mass building.* This is combined with premium Carnosyn® Beta Alanine to fuel the production of carnosine.* Supplementing with beta-alanine at regular intervals throughout the day maximizes increase in muscle function and performance.*


Superior Energy and Muscle Growth

Genius Creatine Power Matrix significantly enhances ATP production thanks to its next-gen tri-creatine complex helping you bang out more reps with heavier weights for more sets during workouts.

Boosts Power & Strength

Simply put, creatine is the most successful supplement of all time, proven time and again across all populations of athletes to enhance power, strength, and lean mass gains.

MORE Brain Power!

Not only is creatine an effective physical performance enhancer, it also has been shown to be a valuable cognitive aid as well. The brain uses tremendous amounts of ATP, and since creatine enhances the body's ability to rapidly regenerate ATP, it also supports heightened neurological function and processing.

Not Just Another Creatine Supplement

Genius Creatine provides the clinically-effective dose of creatine but also supplies SR CarnoSyn beta alanine and magnesium to boost endurance, support muscle recovery, and enhance sustained

No Creatine “Bloat” or “Itchy” Fact

Genius Creatine has been scientifically formulating to avoid the dreaded creating bloating as well as the “itchy” feelings associated with beta alanine. And best of all, it requires NO LOADING!

When & How to Use

Genius Creatine can be taken anytime of day, but following exercise your muscles are primed to absorb anything and everything you throw at them. Therefore if you want to “optimize” your intake of Genius Creatine, consume one serving along with Genius Carb and one serving of Genius Protein immediately after training.

How to Stack

For added endurance, stack Genius Creatine with one serving of Genius Electrolytes

For greater power, strength, and muscle building, stack Genius Creatine with one serving of Genius Pre as well as one serving of Genius Muscle Builder and take 30 minutes prior to exercise..

For extra endurance and power in your weightlifting and cardio workouts, stack Genius Creatine with one serving of Genius Creatine.

For greater productivity, stack Genius Creatine with Genius Consciousness to eliminate mental fatigue, enhance cognition, boost focus, and increase productivity.

For increased hydration and stamina during extended bouts of exercise, stack Genius Creatine with one serving of Genius Electrolytes. Note that this stack is a favorite among endurance athletes!

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